About Dip

Wondering what makes Dip different?

Dip makes reading and writing programs easy, providing the power of Python with an extremely simple syntax. Dip wants to make writing programs natural, and make reading them like English (Or your first language). This is the reason behind the fluid syntax

Why the name Dip?

Dip is a recursive acronym for Dip Isn't Python, which emphasizes Dip's purpose, providing the power of python with an easy, readable syntax to introduce beginners to the power of programming.

What's the logo?

Dip's logo is a float. This emphasizes Dip's purpose for beginners. Dip aims to act like a float to beginners, through which they will learn the ropes - and when time comes, learn to program without Dip's helping hand. Dip's very purpose is to provide a helping hand to beginners.

Why was Dip created?

Dip is a programming language that aims to make programs natural to read and write.

Dip was made as a small project, meant to introduce beginners to the fun part of programming, where you decide what to write by writing it.

Dip is unfinished. It's missing things you'd need to solve some types of problems, but it works well for its purpose of introducing beginners to the joy of programming, and is equipped with an easy syntax and playful functions.

The first priority, right now, is to make the language useful to solve real-world problems, where it reaches all the way up to a complete language for day to day programming.

We'd also like to encourage a sense of community among Dip users. If you have a question or a suggestion, share it with everyone in the forum. And if you know the answer to a question you see in the forum, help out whoever posted it by replying.

Ultimately, programming is fun, and we hope that will be the guiding principle of the Dip community.

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